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Evolutionary Essays are essays which I started to write at York University in Toronto, Canada and finished the FREE Draft's on 05-02-2012.

They are in the genres of Philosophy, Psychology, Politic's, Economic's, Religion, Culture, History and Evolution with a good dosage of Humor and Intellect.

Evolutionary Essays is what I see as positive for this Planet and what is wrong especially in the Modern Western Civilization's. This is not just pure optimism and will use sound, logical, argumentational and factual structures.

This is also to dispel highly prevalent pessimisms and reveal realities, to regain constructive positivism which we have lost so many times nullifying our productivity; life is a sine wave, it is not about your success and failures but the fact you keep getting up again, it is not if you win or lose but how you fight your battles, it is not how you die but how you lived your life: Debts not paid in this one are incurred in the next one...

This is to try and bring clarity and solutions from Observation and Experience, the distinct realm of Philosophy. This is a philosophical discourse, description and narration using logic, reason, reduction, deduction, facts and argumentation to provide a point of view with constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement which may be adopted and/or applied to Citizen's, Government's or Corporation's.

A Philosopher's position is to ask questions, not per se answer anything or be a Guide but rather point in the correct direction of the past, present and future giving no more than a Guideline for you can only find your own will and way.

Where possible, though it is highly relative, one can try and reveal Truth. Like Light versus Shadow it will always win in the end... Truth is Commonality.
Evolutionary Essays
Part 01:

Click here: Evolutionary Essays - First Run Of Final Edit (PDF)

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