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The Free Show ©®™ is a real time, chat-like, telepathic-like 3D Game Environment consisting primarily of Humour.

The Free Show is a Generic Universal Role-Playing Game System (GURPG or GURPGS) in the Science Fiction/Fantasy Humor Genre.

Make your own Character Class (even for life) and learn how to discern between fantasy and reality...

Just put The Free Show in your Favorites, and the tfsreadme's into your Shared Folder's and you'll be goin' for years...

And, do not hack me, Hack Reality!

The Free Show has at a max of 4 Part's.

Apotheum Colluseum is the Battle System of The Free Show and has at a max of 2 Part's.

The low-grade digital copies of The Free Show and Apotheum Colluseum are FREE!!


Be a 'Happy Camper' and DO NOT Harass anyone or get at a min of a Ban!

NOTE: The Free Show and Apotheum Colluseum are both a Concept and Guideline ONLY. Be inspired, do not rip off my Unique Combination and do not presume it can be applied in ANY medium, especially not the wireless medium. The general idea, with time, money, resources and people, it will be developed into an online 3D Game (MMORPG).

WARNING: As can be seen by the differences between version 3 and 4, there being no Member's List in version 4, some individuals have misused and abused and blamed The Free Show through primarily Lies and Impersonation's, Invasion Of Privacy and very erronously applying virtual Science Fiction, Fantasy and Rules to Real people and situations. Do not believe anyone or anything in any medium about it.

The Free Show does not per se agree with opinions stated by anyone or anything or itself and the opinions stated by anyone in it do not per se agree with anyone else. Use at own risk.

Present version: 4.4 Final; Last updated: 25072010; unpure, unstable, NOT clean, quarky and buggy... [(:-)].

At present, I am still editting version 2.0 Final (2nd Edition) of Apotheum Colluseum.

The Free Show ©®™ is written and devoped by Kyle Lance Proudfoot.
Silver High Wizard
The Free Show:

Part 3: tfsreadme.pdf (Easy, For Kids, 8+)

Part 4: tfsreadmeII.pdf (Average, For Young Teenagers, 13+)

Part 5: tfsreadmeIII.pdf (Hard, For Teenagers, 16+)

Part 6: tfsreadmeIV.pdf (Near-Impossible, For Adults, 20+)

Part's 1 and 2: Apotheum Colluseum (2nd Edition Final - Average, For Young Teenagers, 13+)


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